Soapbox: The PS5’s pad made it look ancient to all other controllers


I’m playing Cyberpunk 2077 as I write this, and among all the other issues – and there are many – one thing that worries me is the lack of support for DualSense. I never expected it to take advantage of the PlayStation 5 pad as a PlayStation 4 game, but I’ll put it this way: once you learn what Sony’s new controller can do, it’s difficult to go back to the basic functions.

To be honest, for a while now, I have noticed this.

A couple of weeks ago, I played Resident Evil 3, which was fine in itself – but it was super-disappointing to get no resistance from the triggers when firing Jill Valentine’s weapons, and the rumble lacked nuance.

It’s a PS4 game, like I mentioned, so I didn’t really have any hopes, but what I’m saying is that it’s really difficult to take a step back once you’ve seen what DualSense can do.

For example, take racing games: I recently booted Burnout Paradise on a whim and enjoyed racing through the sandbox, but without the triggers kicking back under your fingertips, racing games just do not feel right.

These older games lack the added feedback factor that the PS5 provides, and while they’re still enjoyable in their own right, it feels like you’ve lost one of your senses; without being able to detect the scent of the sauce, it’s like consuming spaghetti bolognese.

To be sure, this observation applies not only to backward compatible titles; I believe even a game like Sackboy: A Major Adventure, which uses some of the features of DualSense but does not go mad, feels flat compared to the Playroom of Astro.

And there aren’t many first-person PS5 shooters, but without the texture that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War adds, I just couldn’t imagine playing one. Without tolerance to the stimuli that show exhaustion, even sports games just don’t feel right to me.

Sony has to be commended here: I really liked the DualShock 4, but after you’ve used the DualSense, gaming with it honestly feels awful.

That’s not only because of the PS5 pad’s enhanced ergonomics, but also because when used properly it brings so much depth to sports. Of course, I can still play and enjoy PS4 games, but I can’t help but feel that there is something lacking now from all the games. The PS5’s controller changed the game, literally.

How do you feel about playing games now without the integration of DualSense? Since you started using the controller, do you feel like something is lacking, or do you think the pad’s specific features and functions are overrated? In the comments section below, you can feel things differently.


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