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Smartphone Apps: An Unlikely Hero for Diabetes

It’s no secret that people with diabetes have struggled with the slow advancement in diabetes management technology.

In a decade where our reliance on advanced technology increases, you’d think that maintaining a lifelong disease such as diabetes would become easier, more effective, and less intrusive. Sadly, that hasn’t been the case until recent years.

Fortunately, what was once a slow-moving front has made leaps and bounds in part due to technology that uses something we have on us virtually at all times: our smartphone.

To understand why it’s been paramount to modernize diabetes, you have to understand just how important and strenuous diabetes management is for the people who endure it daily.

Constantly Knowing Your Blood Glucose

Managing diabetes means consistently monitoring your blood glucose to ensure you’re at safe levels. Traditionally, this meant testing your blood glucose, but never really having the means to store the data or use it to analyze trends and track health goals. 

Identifying Trends in Your Health

Not being able to identify trends in your diabetes management data means never really knowing if you’re progressing or regressing toward critical health goals. You could track your blood glucose manually, but that’s a lot of recordkeeping, and who has the time to track, monitor, and record every reading?

Aligning Daily Habits to Health Goals

Having insight into your blood glucose means you can tailor your lifestyle to meet your goals. If you frequently see that your blood sugar isn’t where it should be, you can make habits changes and track how they affect your data.

Sharing Accurate Info With Healthcare Providers

Diabetes must be scrupulously managed between the person who has it and their healthcare provider. Unfortunately, this channel of communication is often narrow due to challenges with sharing critical health information. 

Seems like the saying “there’s an app for that” rings true with virtually everything, including diabetes management.

In what seems to be an unlikely hero for such a rampant disease, a smartphone app has actually proven itself a critical tool in supporting those familiar with the daily struggle of managing diabetes.

Certain providers allow users to log in to a smartphone app that communicates with a glucose-monitoring device. By looking at the reporting on their app, the user knows key information about their health that they can use to make habits changes, or that can be relayed to their healthcare providers for their professional insight.

Additionally, certain diabetes management providers will offer encouraging tips and insight, so you can stay motivated in your daily efforts…even on those days that are a little harder than others.

Modernizing diabetes management is especially important because it continues to be an issue facing American health. As of 2019:

The growing numbers of those diagnosed with diabetes have beckoned for modern support solutions and effective management. Fortunately, prominent start-ups offering new tech have answered the call.

One of these unsung heroes is Pops.

Pops provides a simple, modern, effective, and non-invasive way to manage diabetes using new-age smartphone technology.

Pops’ easy-to-use products, such as their revolutionary blood-glucose monitoring device “The Rebel” paired with virtual coach Mina (within the app), offers next-level supports for diabetes management. This puts the device that we rely so heavily upon, our smartphone, to work in a way that can benefit us far greater than ever before- in our health.

If you’re ready to bring your diabetes management into the new decade, you can learn more about Pops here.

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