Sky Q has one edge over Virgin Media, BT, and Freesat as of today.


Sky Q has one edge over Virgin Media, BT, and Freesat as of today.

Starting today, Sky subscribers will have a significant advantage over competitor TV sets from Virgin Media, BT, and Freesat.

Starting today, Sky Q subscribers may add one more unique channel to their lineup. Yes, the satellite television service has added to its list of exclusives not available on Virgin Media, BT, or Freesat by removing CNN from practically all UK providers today.

CNN will only be available on Sky Q or the CNN streaming service for a fee starting September 1. The channel, which aired popular series such as Wolf Blitzer’s The Situation Room and non-news shows such as Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, is no longer accessible on Virgin Media, BT, or Freesat.

“As of 1 September, CNN International will be available to UK viewers via a livestream at as well as on Sky TV,” a CNN representative told This website.

CNN was dropped by Virgin Media, BT, and Freesat when the world-renowned broadcaster launched a paid live streaming service in the UK in July. The program costs £1.99 per month or £19.90 per year and provides ad-free access to CNN online.

If you have Virgin Media, BT, or Freesat and plan to stay with them, the CNN Live service is your sole option for continuing to watch.

If you have Sky, however, your access to the channel will be unaffected. When Virgin Media users went to the CNN channel last week, they saw a notification on the screen informing them that it was about to be delisted.

“HEADS UP!” read the warning. After August 31, 2021, this channel will no longer be available on Virgin Media.”

And the news has angered a number of Virgin Media customers, who have taken to internet community boards to express their displeasure. “I just spotted a small note on the bottom of my tv screen early this morning indicating CNN will no longer be available on Virgin as of August 31,” one wrote. CNN is my go-to news source. Is it possible to get that if we pay extra?”

“I’ve just observed that as well and have been trying to figure out what’s going on,” one person wrote. If this channel is no longer available, I will terminate my contract because it is the one I watch the most.”

“I, too, will be canceling.” Brinkwire Summary News, said another.


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