Sky One is no longer available, but there are two new Sky TV channels to look forward to.


Sky One is no longer available, but there are two new Sky TV channels to look forward to.

SKY ONE, which first aired in the United Kingdom about 40 years ago, is no longer on the air. Don’t worry, the satellite company has two worthy substitutes in the form of Sky Max and Sky Showcase, which are available on Sky Q, Sky+ HD, Virgin Media, and NOW platforms starting today.

Is there something different on your TV Guide this morning? Sky One is no longer available on Sky Q, Sky+ HD, Virgin Media, BT, or NOW set-top boxes. The legendary channel, which has been home to The Simpsons for 32 seasons, is also the UK’s oldest non-terrestrial station.

Originally known as Sky Channel (because there was only one), it has aired indigenous shows such as A League Of Their Own and Rob and Romesh Vs, as well as US imports such as 24, Battlestar Galactica, and Prison Break. Sky One is now airing the latest episodes of DC series like The Flash, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, and Supergirl, which it has been airing for the past 39 years.

Sky One will not be able to blow out the candles on its 40th birthday cake, sadly. Sky One will cease to exist for all consumers in the UK on September 1, 2021, as revealed by Sky officials in July. An all-new channel named Sky Showcase has taken over as the first Sky-branded channel you’ll see in the TV Guide on the satellite firm’s set-top boxes.

Showcase is intended to be a one-stop shop for everything you should watch on all of Sky’s other channels. As a result, it will broadcast a combination of the most popular and critically acclaimed shows from throughout Sky’s channel lineup. Sky is gradually focusing its channels on specific genres, such as Sky Comedy and Sky Documentaries. As a result, Sky Showcase will become a true mix of genres in a way that you won’t see on Sky Crime, for example.

Sky Showcase is the place to go if you’re not sure what to watch – or what everyone will be talking about at the (probably Microsoft Teams-based) watercooler at work tomorrow.

Meanwhile, programming that formerly broadcast only on Sky One will now be distributed across the remainder of the satellite company’s channel lineup, including the. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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