Sky has released a ‘game-changing’ upgrade, but some customers will be left out.


Sky has released a ‘game-changing’ upgrade, but some customers will be left out.

Customers using SKY broadband will see a massive speed jump, with speeds nearly ten times faster… However, some people may be luckier than others.

Sky has today announced that millions of customers across the UK will soon have access to substantially faster broadband rates. Sky subscribers will soon be able to download at speeds of over 490Mbps, which is fast enough to download a whole HD movie to your TV in under a minute.

The same video would take over ten minutes to download at the current 60Mbps speed that most Britons have to deal with. Along with that remarkable top speed, Sky promises that even at peak periods of the day, users will never experience speeds drop below 400Mbps.

In fact, Sky is so confident in its service that it will refund a month’s subscription to subscribers if their speed falls below the stated minimum. So that’s the good news, but unfortunately, not everyone will be able to take advantage of these incredible downloads.

This new service requires families to have the most up-to-date Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) connections, which many still do not have.

If you didn’t know, FTTP is a technology that replaces the aging copper connections that run through a large portion of the UK.

Internet Service Providers can then offer infinitely faster speeds because the fibre connection enters right into the property.

Although FTTP is being carried out to more and more homes across the UK, there is still a long way to go before everyone who wants faster internet can get it.

“Ultrafast Plus is available to new and current subscribers in FTTP areas only,” Sky explains. The UK’s FTTP coverage is growing every day, and Sky is working hard to ensure that we can provide services to as many homes as possible in FTTP-enabled areas.”

If your street has FTTP, Sky’s 500Mbps speeds will cost £45 per month over the course of an 18-month contract.

For an additional £5 per month, you can add Sky Internet Boost, which includes a Wi-Fi Guarantee in every room, the latest Sky Broadband Hub, flexible engineer visits, daily line checks, and 2GB mobile data if you have a broadband outage – if you have Sky Mobile.

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