Sky, EE, and Vodafone have all slashed their SIM pricing, but one of these incredible deals is set to expire tonight.


Sky, EE, and Vodafone have all slashed their SIM pricing, but one of these incredible deals is set to expire tonight.

A NUMBER OF THE UK’S BIGGEST NETWORKS ARE OFFERING AMAZING SIM-ONLY RATES. Here are the finest discounts from EE, Vodafone, SMARTY, Sky, and O2, but you’ll have to move quickly to get one of them.

If your existing contract has come to an end, now is an excellent time to look for a new one. There are plenty of SIM-only plans available right now that give massive quantities of 4G and 5G data at a considerably lower price than you’re probably paying right now, as long as you’re happy to keep your present smartphone.

When you sign up for a smartphone plan with a network, a major portion of the monthly fee goes toward the cost of the handset, but once the contract expires, you are no longer responsible for those higher charges.

Importantly, if you don’t switch from your phone plan – or upgrade to a new device – your network will continue to charge you the same monthly price, even if you’ve paid for the smartphone in full at the conclusion of the 24-month contract. While that is a charming business strategy for mobile networks, it is not the ideal solution for you.

If you’re not in a hurry to sign up for a new pay-per-month contract so you can get your hands on the latest flagship iPhone or Android device…

The best choice is to get a SIM-only plan.

That is why it is critical to review your documents and make any necessary modifications in order to save money. There are a slew of packages on the market right now, with some offering massive 5G data bundles and others providing clients with completely unrestricted access to the internet with no hidden fees.

This website looked at some of the best SIM-only deals, and these are our top five picks.

For £20 per month, EE is offering a 5G-ready SIM with 160GB of data.

You’ll also get unlimited calls and texts, as well as six months of Apple Music for free.

If EE is your preferred network, there is now a very appealing price available. For £20 per month, you can get 120GB of rapid 5G internet, which is incredible considering EE is one of the more expensive networks. Six months of Apple Music and three months of BT Sport are also included in this deal. All. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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