Sky, BT, Three, and Virgin Media are all offering EPIC Black Friday broadband deals.


Sky, BT, Three, and Virgin Media are all offering EPIC Black Friday broadband deals.

WANT TO SAVE MONEY ON YOUR BROADBAND BILLS OR INCREASE YOUR DOWNLOAD SPEED? Virgin Media, BT, Sky, and others are slashing their prices this Black Friday, including freebies worth £350 and even completely free broadband, so there’s never been a better time to upgrade your package.

Right now, these are the best offers available.

Can’t watch the latest Netflix must-binge boxset without the loading animation spinning aimlessly for minutes? Can’t hear what you’re saying because the video call keeps cutting out every time you try to spe–? Can’t back up the photos on your smartphone without slowing down the rest of the house? Or simply want to reduce your monthly Direct Debit? Well, Black Friday is easily the best time of year to sign-up for a new contract.

Every major broadband provider, from BT to Sky and Virgin Media, has announced monthly bill discounts, making already low-cost plans even more affordable and ensuring that superfast fiber connections are more affordable than ever.

This website has spent far more time than we’d like to admit scouring the internet for the best Black Friday deals from every major broadband provider.

During the Black Friday shopping season, there are some incredible deals available, including free internet when you sign up for superfast broadband from Three, compared to its usual pricing, when you sign up for any of BT’s fibre broadband deals, and when you sign up for any of the smaller fiber firm’s deals.

Yes, it’s true.

Here are our top picks from all the Black Friday deals currently available…

When it comes to Sky’s Black Friday offers, there aren’t many options.

In reality, there is only one option.

Fortunately, the satellite television company is offering a good deal.

For that, you’ll get speeds up to 59Mbps and 18 months of unlimited downloads.

That’s a saving of £54 compared to the same broadband bundle a few weeks ago – or, in other words, that saving will cover the cost of a Netflix subscription for nine months, ensuring you’ll have plenty of blockbusters and binge-worthy boxsets to watch on your new broadband connection.

That is, however, the end of the story.

Unfortunately, Sky’s faster broadband bundles do not come with any discounts.

It charges £35 per month for its Ultrafast bundle (download speeds of 145Mbps) and £45 per month for its Premium bundle (download speeds of 150Mbps).

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