Sky, BT, and Virgin Media have been compelled to BLOCK millions of people from watching free movies online.


Sky, BT, and Virgin Media have been compelled to BLOCK millions of people from watching free movies online.

Over a dozen websites that allowed viewers to watch episodes and movies without paying a subscription have been ordered to be shut down by BT, VIRGIN Media, and Sky.

Users in the United Kingdom who try to watch free TV series and movies online may be surprised. Customers of some of the largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs), including BT, Sky, and Virgin Media, have recently been barred from browsing over a dozen websites that offered premium material for free.

The Motion Picture Association Europe, whose members include Netflix, Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, and Warner Bros., has enforced the ban.

A total of 19 websites are now unavailable in the United Kingdom, with being one of the most well-known.

This immensely popular site receives around 60 million monthly views, but anyone using one of the UK’s major ISPs will soon be unable to access it.

Those who have a Virgin Media account, for example, will receive the message “Sorry, this page is not available through Virgin Media.” The High Court has issued an order directing Virgin Media to block access to this website.”

“Piracy damages everyone involved in the creative process – from writers, directors, and producers to cast and crew,” the MPA told TorrentFreak regarding the block. Consumers are also harmed since it exposes families to malware, identity theft, and fraud.

“We intend to collaborate with authorities across the region to put these and other necessary legal remedies in place in support of a safer and healthier online environment.”

The whole list of unlawful streaming sites that have been blocked may be found here.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, yes

The MPA’s latest ban comes just months after it imposed another restriction on UK consumers.

Millions of broadband consumers were barred from accessing a number of very popular sites that offered simple access to free illicit streaming back in February.,,, and were among the sites listed in the ban.

Although the films published by these sites are frequently unlawful to view, the fact that they are available for free attracted millions of people. According to the most recent statistics, both and had millions of monthly visits, accounting for a fourth of all. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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