‘Simple!’ Guy Martin demonstrates how to make an electric motor out of a paper clip at home.


‘Simple!’ Guy Martin demonstrates how to make an electric motor out of a paper clip at home.

ELECTRIC CARS HAVE GROWN IN FAVOR IN RECENT YEARS, owing to the impending ban on diesel and petrol vehicles in the United Kingdom. Guy Martin tested the speed of a converted classic car that had been converted to electric power. He also demonstrated how to make an electric motor out of nothing but a paper clip.

Guy Martin appears on Guy Martin: The World’s Fastest Electric Car? tonight on Channel 4. He raced a vintage car that had been converted into an electric vehicle. In addition, the expert demonstrated how to build an electric motor.

Guy Martin is most recognized for his work as a motorbike racer and TV host.

He has a passion for all things automotive, which he discussed on his TV show tonight.

Guy looked into the booming realm of electric cars, which is seeing many major businesses release their own models.

“I’m not for it, but I’m not against it,” he remarked of electric vehicles.

He sought to discover the fastest road-lead battery vehicle tonight.

Guy accomplished this by driving a Volkswagen Beetle equipped with Tesla technology.

The technology enabled the 50-year-old vintage car to reach speeds comparable to many supercars.

He raced the car on a quarter-mile drag strip in the hopes of breaking the distance record.

The car was modified at a workshop in mid-Wales that has a year-and-a-half waiting list.

Guy stated that, while a massive process, making an electric motor is not always complicated.

“All you need is paper clips and fundamental physics,” the narrator explained.

“You saw me spin the coil up, and we’re going to run an electrical current through it,” Guy continued.

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“After that, you make a magnetic field. It’s that simple.

“The magnetic field we established in the coil attracts that magnet there, and the opposite side of the coil is repelled.

“So, we’ll attract and repel, attract and repel, which will create rotational motion, which will spin a motor, which will propel your car.”

EVs and hybrid automobiles are becoming increasingly popular, and new models are being introduced all the time.

This followed the government’s petrol prohibition and the publication of “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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