Should Vodafone, Three, and Sky customers be concerned now that O2 and EE have reinstated EU roaming charges?


Should Vodafone, Three, and Sky customers be concerned now that O2 and EE have reinstated EU roaming charges?

EE has resurrected its hated EU roaming costs, while O2 has imposed a tougher allowance on travelers, with additional charges for those who exceed the new cap. But what about the rest of the major players? Will people who have a Vodafone, Three, or Sky Mobile SIM card in their phone have to pay in the EU?

The dreaded EU roaming costs have returned, in case you missed the memo. The assurance that your existing phone, text, and mobile data allowances will be available for free when traveling throughout Europe, which was abolished by the European Commission in 2017 and dubbed a “market failure,” was not included in Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan. Despite assurances from mobile networks that the extra costs would not be reinstated, this is exactly what has transpired.

Starting in January 2022, certain EE customers will be required to pay £2 per day to use their 4G or 5G data, calls, or messages when in Europe, according to EE. That implies each member of your group may pay an extra £28 for their next fortnight in Spain. Ouch.

Importantly, the increased EU roaming rates will only apply to individuals who join EE after July 7, 2021, or to existing users who sign up for a new contract or SIM-only deal after that date. So, if you’re currently a customer of the organization and want to continue with your current plan, you won’t be charged anything more. However, as soon as you switch to a new smartphone and sign up for a new SIM-only plan to get better conditions, you’ll be subjected to EU roaming charges once more.

Customers with earlier contracts aren’t sure if they’ll be allowed to use free roaming eternally.

Meanwhile, when traveling in EU nations, O2 is providing all users with a 25GB allotment. Roaming costs will only apply to those who go above that limit. However, starting in August 2021, O2 will charge £3.50 for 1GB of data usage. Those who download a few more movies on the beach at the conclusion of their vacation for the flight home (about 8GB of data) would have £28 added to their monthly bill.

You’ll need between 2.5GB and 3GB of mobile data for an hour-long FaceTime video conversation, so double-check. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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