Samsung may be going to make owning a Galaxy S21 a lot less expensive.


Samsung may be going to make owning a Galaxy S21 a lot less expensive.

SAMSUNG’S Galaxy S21 was announced in January, and it now appears that a new version of the smartphone is on the way that will make owning one much more affordable.

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 was released in February, and it had a radical new design, an upgraded camera, a better screen, and greater processing power. Now it appears that a new version of this flagship will be released soon, perhaps making buying an S21 much more affordable.

For months, rumors have circulated that the Korean technology company is planning to release a FE (Fan Edition) of this device in markets around the world.

Now, a new leak suggests that the reveal is one step closer to becoming a reality.

An official-looking advertisement for the S21 FE has appeared online, as noticed by the folks at Android Headlines, and displays a device that comes in a variety of fruity colors, including green and purple.

The back casing features a triple rear camera, as well as Samsung’s normal all-screen design. These types of leaks are common at the time of an official launch, giving us yet another reason to believe something new is on the way.

Samsung has released further details about its future Galaxy Watch, which will come with a new Google WearOS-style operating system.

During the event, Samsung teased that full details would be revealed at an Unpacked event later this summer.

The firm’s next set of new gadgets is normally unveiled in August, and an S21 FE might be released at the same time as that watch.

If the company follows the S20 FE launch from last year, the new gadget might be far less expensive than the ordinary S21.

If you’re still set on that high-end handset, Samsung is presently offering up to £150 in cashback when purchasing its latest and best smartphone.

The ordinary S21 gets you £100 back, the S21+ gets you £120 back, and the S21 Ultra gets you £150 back.

“This is one of our largest payback offers ever,” the company said. Claim cashback on a wide range of fantastic products, from smartphones and earbuds to wearables and tablets. When you buy more than one, you’ll get a £50 payback bonus.”


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