Samsung has issued a final warning about its plans to DELETE your photographs and movies.


Samsung has issued a final warning about its plans to DELETE your photographs and movies.

Users should download their data before it gets taken from Samsung Cloud in the coming weeks, according to Samsung.

Customers are being reminded to save images from the Samsung Cloud, or they risk losing them all. With the summer holidays well underway, it’s possible that long-time Samsung fans have forgotten about the approaching deadline.

For those who have forgotten, Samsung is deleting the ability to back up your photo gallery to the Samsung Cloud, which includes images, selfies, and videos. Presumably, the South Korean company has chosen to reduce its storage costs. There are plenty of other possibilities, with Google, DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon, and a slew of other corporations offering similar services.

Samsung Cloud, perplexingly, isn’t going away. Your contacts, calendar, and notes will continue to be backed up by the backup service. So, even if you misplace or smash your phone, your data will be safe. Photos and videos, on the other hand, will no longer be included.

Any papers saved in the Files app would be backed up to Samsung’s servers as well. This feature, branded Drive, will be phased down in the coming months, along with the photo storage, dubbed Gallery Sync in Samsung marketing jargon.

Samsung previously indicated that its service would be phased out in the UK, continental Europe, the United States, and Australia by the end of May 2021. That date has now been pushed again by the smartphone manufacturer.

Furthermore, the company has divided its consumers into two groups, each with its own deadline. If you’re not sure which group you’re in, just make sure you’ve downloaded all of your data from the cloud and backed it up with another service before the Group 1 deadline, which falls before Group 2. Customers in Group 1 have until September 30 to download any files stored up in the Samsung Cloud, while Group 2 customers have until November 30.

Despite the fact that the deadline is only a few weeks away, Samsung advises people not to wait. It claims that waiting until the last minute to download is a poor idea because “as the final deprecation date approaches, you may not be able to download your data smoothly due to the increased number of users.”

Your images will be removed from Samsung if you don’t act now. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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