Samsung Galaxy S22 to get camera features of the iPhone series


Samsung Galaxy S22 to get camera features of iPhone series – Last week, there was already a pretty radical concept design for the new Galaxy S22 series, where they had equipped the camera module with the new 200MP camera and thus a really bigger lens dominated the back. Now there are some more leaks around the camera, as Samsung will probably rely on a feature we already know from the iPhone 12 pro for the upcoming Galaxy S22 models: the Sensor Shift image stabilization. With this OIS technology, the entire image sensor is moved to stabilize the shots, and this produces better results than the other approaches of this form. Apple started using this technology in 2020 and if the indications are correct, Sensor Shift OIS will also be found on the Galaxy S22 series in the future.

Slashgear explains the new technology as follows:

In the past, OIS or optical image stabilization was used by smartphone manufacturers as a boast. The technology is significantly better than EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) and incurs unavoidable costs in terms of additional components and consequently build costs. A more efficient and cost-effective alternative is always ideal, and the next generation of high-end phones may use sensor shift technology instead.

Rather than moving the lens to compensate for unwanted movement, sensor shift actually moves the entire image sensor. This system has been used for some time in digital cameras where interchangeable lenses may not have OIS available. More recently, however, Apple has introduced the technology to the smartphone world via last year’s iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The camera in the upcoming top models is supposed to be made in cooperation with Olympus. However, this is only a rumor so far, and there is no confirmation from the companies. But since many companies now rely on Zeiss, Huawei has Leica as a camera partner, and OnePlus now relies on Hasselblad, such a camera partner would definitely be a good and sensible step.


All in all, Samsung has come under a lot of pressure when it comes to the camera. Many other manufacturers have massively improved their camera systems and the main camera of the Galaxy S21 is now only better mid-range. The camera of the Galaxy S21 ultra was disappointing in the test, and it is even only on the level of the predecessors in the normal Galaxy S21 models. Samsung therefore needs a big upgrade in the camera of the S22 series to keep up with the competition. Otherwise, it could happen that the former top models only become normal expensive phones.

However, the fact that the Galaxy S series is no longer Samsung’s technology carrier speaks against such a technological leap. The latest and best technology is currently installed in the foldable models, especially in the smartphones of the Galaxy Z Fold series. Therefore, it is also conceivable that the Z Fold 3 will be launched with this technology in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2021 and that Samsung will introduce Sensor Shift OIS. Of course, this does not prevent the Galaxy S21 series from using this form of image stabilization, but the S22 models would not be the first Samsung devices with this technology.


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