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Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Prices are Incredibly High! But Feature 5G Tech, Four Cameras, and even Google’s Live Caption

Samsung Galaxy S20 series has now arrived! If you’re looking to upgrade your Samsung phones or any of your smartphone brands, might as well check Samsung’s new offerings for the year 2020. Though don’t be shocked, they’re kind of pricey for a smartphone. 

On Tuesday, Feb. 11, Samsung has finally introduced its new lineup of smartphones for 2020 with its ‘Unpacked’ event held in San Francisco. This lineup is called Samsung Galaxy S20 series introducing Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Probably, you’ve already seen tons of leaked information and pictures of this new lineup all over the internet; however, the real thing is still the best. That’s why here are some of the information you should know about the Samsung Galaxy S20 series before buying one — if you have a budget for it. 

One of the major thing that Samsung had proudly shared about its new lineup of smartphones is its most advanced set of four camera lenses — three at the back and one in front. It was said that these camera lenses could take ‘pro-grade’ images and videos and even bigger sensors that can take as high as 108-megapixel photos.

Specifically, Galaxy S20 Ultra has the most enhanced camera lenses out of all the series. This device has a feature called “Space Zoom” that allows users to magnify an image up to 100x. Meanwhile, S20 and S20+ also have their own Space Zoom but only allows 30x zoom.

Aside from its awesome set of cameras, Samsung had also made the first collaboration with Google. With S20 series’ new ‘Live Caption’ feature, users can now transcribe and caption videos in real-time with excellent accuracy using smartphones that are non-Pixel or produced by Google.

Samsung also prioritized the battery life of their new smartphones that can now be used for 24 long straight hours– as boasted by the company– and can charge other devices wirelessly. This is possible due to S20 series’ bigger batteries that said to be 10 per cent larger than its predecessors. 

Surprisingly, Samsung seemed to promote the 5G technology with its newest S20 series fully. All the devices were reportedly supported with 5G tech. Using 5G tech, smartphone users will be able to have an increased bandwidth and speeds that let you download a two-hour movie in less than 10 seconds. 

This question might pop in your head once you’ve seen how Samsung Galaxy S20 series is so sophisticated and high-end. It looks expensive, isn’t it? Because it is!

According to the announcement, the 6.2-inch S20 starts prices at $999.99; the 6.7-inch S20+ begins at $1199.99, and the 6.9-inch S20 Ultra can be yours for $1399.99. 

Bob O’Donnell, president and chief analyst at TECHnalysis Research, criticized Samsung’s prices saying that they “have been high for a while.” 

In comparison from its previous lineup, Samsung Galaxy S10 series cost so much lower compared today. The cheapest of them all is only ranging prices at $799– on its first day of launching. 

Even its toughest competitor, Apple only charges $699 to its latest iPhone 11 base model. 

Obviously, Samsung seemed to be travelling on a higher stream. If that’s their strategy, let’s see if it works once S20 series hits the market on Mar. 6. 

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