Rumor: 3.4 million units of PS5 vessels in the first four weeks


When it comes to sales figures for the PlayStation 5, Sony remains relatively quiet, but we believe that is due to the fact that demand greatly exceeds supply. Nonetheless, a report from Digitimes – citing “industry sources” – states that in the first four weeks, the manufacturer delivered 3.4 million next-gen systems into the market, which is a company record. It took just over six weeks for the PS4 to sell 4.2 million units, so this is obviously a good console score.

Maybe even more amazing is that in 2021, the company expects to hit 16.8 to 18 million units, which is a remarkable objective. With the assistance of additional capacity from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and various other back-end companies, production is anticipated to increase. This implies that the business will potentially increase the amount of units generated, which is good news for those who are still desperate for PS5 inventory.


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