Round Up: All Game of the Year Winners


And that almost wraps up our coverage of the Game of the Year, while tomorrow we still have your group results to share with you. We will compile our top ten countdown below in case you were too busy devouring mint pies and turkey sandwiches to read our coverage – no offense. The word on the street is that this article is also ideal for New Year’s Day as a hangover remedy!
#Place 10: The Unpathed
#9: The Spider-Man of Marvel: Miles Morales
#8: Persona 5 Royal Number 8:
It’s #7: Dreams
#6: Pro Skater 1 + 2 by Tony Hawk
#5: Playroom Astro’s
#4: Souls of the Devil
#3: Tsushima’s Ghost
#2: Remake of Final Fantasy VII
Number 1: The Last of Us: Part II

We hope you enjoyed the coverage, and before you tell us that we got it all wrong, note that this score also contributed to your neighborhood votes. And it’s also your fault in part!


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