Review of Huawei FreeBuds 4: New wireless earphones aren’t as fantastic as they sound


Review of Huawei FreeBuds 4: New wireless earphones aren’t as fantastic as they sound

HUAWEI is back with the FreeBuds 4, a new AirPods competitor that, on paper, seems rather impressive for the price. This is our comprehensive assessment of the new wireless buds.

It’s difficult not to be charmed by Huawei’s marketing pitch for the new FreeBuds 4. These new wireless earbuds come with top-tier functionality yet cost £30 less than Apple’s entry-level AirPods, which, given their nearly identical appearance, makes them seem like a rather compelling choice. Huawei claims a better design, better quality, and active noise cancellation (ANC), which is generally only found on earbuds that cost nearly twice as much as the FreeBuds 4.

The main question is whether or not these low-budget musicians live up to the hype. The short answer is no, not at all. Let’s start with the positives: the FreeBuds 4 have an undeniably premium feel about them. The puck-shaped charging case is sturdy and closes with a satisfying click.

When you take the buds out of the case, you’ll be shocked at how light they are. These devices have been put on a strict diet, weighing only 4.1g each. This means they’ll be so comfortable in your ears that you’ll forget you’re wearing them the most of the time.

If you have Huawei devices, they connect quickly and effortlessly through a seamless pairing process. Don’t worry if you have an iPhone or Android phone; the buds will connect to Bluetooth with ease. Once connected, you may download Huawei’s AI Life app, which includes some useful customization choices for the touch settings on the buds’ sides.

This means you can use simple motions to increase volume, turn off ANC, and skip tunes without having to reach for your phone. When you take them out of your ears, they auto-pause, and music begins as soon as you put them back in.

So that’s the good news; what about the bad news?

The first important point to emphasize is that ANC technology does not operate very well. Almost all noise-cancelling headphones include a rubber tip on the end of the bud, including the AirPods Pro and the new Sony WF-1000XM4s.

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