Residents of Birmingham may earn £1,000 in a week by renting out their car.


Residents of Birmingham may earn £1,000 in a week by renting out their car.

RESIDENTS living near the Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham’s suburbs might make easy money just by driving. Before England matches, neighbors are renting out their roads to cricket fans.

The second Test between England and New Zealand drew another large crowd to Edgbaston Cricket Ground today. Thousands of supporters packed the stadium in Birmingham’s outskirts for the match.

When a major cricket match is hosted in Edgbaston, you may profit thousands of pounds if you live in the correct area.

This week, England and New Zealand are playing their second Test match, and the third day of the match is starting today.

On Edgbaston’s Pershore Road, neighbors are taking advantage of the daytime throng by renting out their driveways for £20 a car.

Residents can earn up to £200 on big days, which adds up to an astonishing £1,000 over the course of a five-day Test match.

Jim Frensher and Dave Ward are the masterminds behind the money-making scam.

The 25-year neighbors came up with the idea five years ago after realizing that cricket fans needed a place to park when they arrived to see a game at Edgbaston.

For the whole day, Jim and Dave allow up to ten cars to park between their two drives.

They park their own automobiles across the road to ensure that there is as much room as possible.

Cricket fans can park their cars at Edgbaston Stadium for £25 per day, with limited availability.

In pursuit of a parking spot, drivers frequently spill out into busy neighboring roadways.

As the second Test between England and New Zealand begins, Jim and Dave have opened their drives to the public once more.

Over the course of the five days, the couple is projected to generate about £1,000 in profit.

“We hope to make roughly £160 every day over the five days,” Jim, 58, said. It all adds up to a nice sum.

“It all began five years ago when we began to have issues with individuals parking on our driveways.

“You’d be amazed if we went out for the day and came back to see strangers parked here.

“Big games, like England v Pakistan, can get pretty crazy, so we couldn’t really go anywhere anyhow. We prefer to watch cricket while drinking a few glasses of wine.”

Other residents on Pershore Road, according to the neighbors. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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