Residents in Manchester are complaining about ‘horrendous’ noise from supercars, prompting police intervention.


Residents in Manchester are complaining about ‘horrendous’ noise from supercars, prompting police intervention.

Manchester police are cracking down on supercars that have been terrorizing locals by revving their engines late at night.

People in Deansgate’s Macintosh Village have complained to the authorities about the continual noise. Residents claim that supercars have been performing a “circuit” along residential roads for the past three or four years.

The automobiles, which included Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and McLarens, were revving their engines and blasting music.

Since 2017, when Manchester City Council implemented bus gates, general traffic has been redirected through the area.

The cars run down a special route in Deansgate, which features a railway arch that enhances the engine noise.

Since then, police have launched a new operation to combat anti-social driving in the area.

Last weekend, Greater Manchester Police officers were deployed and stopped 30 drivers in under five hours.

Mike Halley, Chairman of the Macintosh Village Management Company, has been urging local councillors, police, and Lucy Powell, the local MP, to take action.

“It happens all day, not just at night,” he explained.

“It’s impacting the inhabitants, the nursery, and they’re having to keep the windows shut.

“The din is deafening.”

Twelve verbal warnings for driving style and five for number plate issues were issued as part of the operation.

There was also one case of a private plate that wasn’t registered with the DVLA, one vehicle that didn’t have a child seat, and one automobile that was given a notice that their vehicle would be taken.

Pat Karney, the council’s city centre spokesperson, lives in the Deansgate neighborhood and claims he frequently sees anti-social driving.

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“I’m overjoyed that these man boy drivers – and they’re mostly man boy drivers – have gotten their just desserts.

“Deansgate is like a Las Vegas drag show; they tear things down while blasting music and attempting to display their machismo in the most infantile way possible.

“It’s past time for these folks to mature and realize that these powerful automobiles endanger everyone in the city center.

“It’s ludicrous that the cops have spent so much time and effort on this.

“If I had my way, these cars would be seized and sold, with the proceeds going to the police department’s budget.”

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