Resident Evil 2 Remake trailer shows off two fan-favourite characters

Leave it out, Leon. Call it a day, Claire! We all know the true heroes of Resident Evil 2 – and now Capcom has finally let us see them in all their remastered glory.

It’s only Hunk and Tofu!

Yes, Hunk – the permanently masked mercenary who has popped up throughout the series, and whose identity has always remained a mystery.

And Tofu – the bizarre secret character concealed within the original Resident Evil 2, who is indeed just a lump of tofu.

Capcom previously confirmed both characters would reappear in Resident Evil 2’s remake, but it’s only now we’re seeing them in action.

One last thing – the trailer below is the one which unlocks when you beat the game’s new time-limited demo – just in case you’ve yet to play it for yourself and want to save it for then.

Capcom’s one-shot Resident Evil 2 demo launched last week. It gives you just 30 minutes play time – although fans have found ways to get around that time limit, allowing for multiple playthroughs and speedrunning.

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