‘Remove them all,’ says the narrator. A Tory councillor supports a speed bump ban.


‘Remove them all,’ says the narrator. A Tory councillor supports a speed bump ban.

According to a Conservative Party councillor, speed bumps should be phased out because they endanger public health.

Philip Desmonde, Cornwall Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport, wants to see all speed bumps removed from the roads. He believes they are ineffective and pose a health and safety concern to drivers and residents in the area.

They are, in my opinion, a threat to the health of anyone who live and work near these pieces of infrastructure hardware.

Conservative Party councillor Philip Desmonde

“The issue of speed bumps, I could call them all kinds of names,” the structural engineer told Cornwall Live. My personal preference is to get rid of them.

“I believe they pose a health risk to persons who live and work in close proximity to these pieces of infrastructural hardware.

“They were implemented to reduce speed, which is commendable, but they have the reverse effect in terms of people’s health.”

Speed bumps and traffic calming devices are commonly found outside schools and are erected on roads in an attempt to limit traffic speeds.

Many social media users, on the other hand, agree with Cllr Desmonde.

“Remove them all, they don’t slow folks down unless they’re in a lowered car,” one wrote. “I live near several of them, and automobiles fly down my street for the most of the day.”

“Instead, larger fines for speeding or two months in prison for second offenses should be imposed,” said another.

“Average speed cameras would be better,” said a third. “It maintains everyone at a slow constant speed.”

Cllr Desmonde, of Truro, Cornwall, said he intended to focus on connection and quality of life in his portfolio area, and that he wanted to have healthy streets that help people.

“Rather than using physical features on the landscape, I want to look at approaches that entail the use of signage, cameras, and enforcement,” the veteran councillor stated.

“A roads officer is not the best person to make a decision in this case.

A roads officer isn’t going to tell me what policy to follow. There are so many opposing viewpoints and professionals that have opposing viewpoints.”

In metropolitan areas, speed bumps are frequently utilized to persuade cars to slow down due to the possible harm to.


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