Redesigned Apple TV Box to Have ‘Plexiglass’ Top | Could a Nintendo Switch-Style Gaming Console Also Arrive?


Redesigned Apple TV Box to Have ‘Plexiglass’ Top | Could a Nintendo Switch-Style Gaming Console Also Arrive?

According to a speculative rumor from a source, the Apple TV box will be redesigned. The smart home device will have a new appearance that includes a “plexiglass” top and a smaller footprint.

The Cupertino behemoth is also working on a one-of-a-kind game system, according to the same website. Its design is inspired by the Nintendo Switch.

Rumors of a redesigned Apple TV

According to a story published by iDropNews on Monday, October 11th, the Apple TV may soon depart from its existing look. For its next edition, the gadget’s clunky exterior will be replaced by a slimmer variant.

The dubious rumor also claimed that the “plexiglass-topped” design was initially meant for the Mac Mini, which will be released soon. According to the source, the new design is similar to the first-generation Apple TV.

The speculated box would also have a new Siri Remote, according to iDropNews. Furthermore, this device is said to have the same conspicuous sharp edges as the iPad Pro and iPhone 13.

Apple Is Supposedly Working on a Nintendo Switch-Style Console

Aside from the rumored revamp of the Apple TV box, another device is the focus of speculation.

According to the same tech source, Apple is reported to be working on a system that will compete with the Nintendo Switch. Games like “Mario Odyssey” and “Legend of Zelda” may find a new home on the hybrid gaming system. According to iDrop News, a leak concerning Apple’s plans to enter the gaming business surfaced a few years ago. The iPhone creator was apparently looking for a way to develop a worthwhile gaming device at the time. Furthermore, according to speculations, Apple is considering outdoing what Sony and Microsoft have to give players this year.

Because it has a more sophisticated look, the projected pricing of the purported Apple console is most likely to be between $449 and $549. We could expect it to have remarkable features due to its high pricing.

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Alleged Apple Controller for Gaming According to Macrumors, Apple is expected to release a game controller as part of its suspected gaming initiative. It was revealed by a source known as L0vetodream in the year 2020.

Apple’s game subscription service Apple Arcade was released before the breach.

Since then, numerous games have appeared on a variety of platforms, including Apple. News from Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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