Red Dead Redemption 2 Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map locations

The Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map quest can be started pretty much as soon as you begin Chapter 2, where the game begins to open up.

Doing so will not only give you an excuse to explore the wilderness and level up your Explorer Challenge progress, but give you a number of rewards (a Pearl Necklace, $15 in cash and in the final stage, two Gold Bars worth $500 each).

In Chapter 2, you can find a Stranger location on some cliffs west of Flatrock Station and north of the railroad.

This explorer will sell you the first Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map for $10 – pretty good value for the amount you’ll get in the end.

You can, of course, decide to decline and rob him – we decided to pay the money, but the call is ultimately yours.

However you decide to get the map, you can then progress to the first location.

Look at the map by opening your satchel (hold right on the D-Pad, then Documents) to see buildings at the bottom and some rocks above.

The town is Valentine, and the rocks are Caliban’s Seat, to the south of the town:

Approach Caliban’s Seat from the south-east, where you can climb up on foot.

Progress along the plateau and you’ll come to a camp on the right. Just before that, the mountain top slopes down to the right. Progress down there.

Go along the cliff edge until you come to a gap, as well as a taller rock. You need to run and jump (press Square or X on Xbox) to leap, and the same button to vault over.

At the end of this cliff is a crevice in the wall you can search. Doing so will give you a Pearl Necklace, which you can sell at a Fence, and the Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 2.

Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 2 shows several geysers. These are located at Cotorra Springs, which is in the far north of the map (just north of Fort Wallace, which should be on your map:

When you get there, you want to stand in the second ‘O’ or Cotorra. Here is where you will see a circle of cairns, with the three geysers on the map to the north-east:

Stand at the rock formation closest to these geysers (it’s the one with the flat top) and you should get a prompt to search.

Doing so nets you $15, and Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 3. Almost there!

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Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 3 points to an island with a trio of mountains behind it. This is O’Creagh’s Run, a lake in the north-east of the map.

It’s pretty much directly north of Emerald Ranch and Emerald Station, if you’ve reached those locations already.

Once you’re at the lake, it’s easy to spot the location it’s suggesting:

Swim over there, and on the south-east grass-covered side of the island, you can uncover a rock. Search it.

Doing so reveals the treasure – two Gold Bars. These can be sold for $500 each at a Fence, making this side-quest a pretty lucrative activity.

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