Red Dead Redemption 2 Dinosaur Bone locations

Dinosaur Bones are dotted throughout the world of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Unlike Dreamcatcher locations, you cannot get them all from the start of Chapter 2 – but that’s not to say you can make a start and earn some of the rewards when you have the time.

To get started finding Dinosaur Bones, you need to track down a Stranger.

Southeast of Horseshoe Overlook you will find a woman in the middle of a pile of mud. Speak to her and you will find that she asks you to find Dinosaur Bone Locations, there are 30 of them scattered throughout the world of Red Dead Redemption 2.

There are 3 tiers of reward for doing this, and these can be gotten by sending your findings over to the Post Office. They are listed below:

As mentioned in the introduction, not all of them can be found right away. Some have to wait until you come across a certain location later in the game. We don’t have those locations on this article, so don’t fret – there are no spoilers here. But we’ll get round to updating their locations soon enough.

1. Heartlands Cliff Face Dinosaur Bone Location

This one is a little bit tricky to find. First, head over to Caliban’s Seat, then take the road southwest that rides along th Dakota River, in a ridge in the road, head up to a cliff face, then use deadeye to scout the rock wall in where this Dinosaur Bone can be found.

2. Heartlands Northern Boundary Dinosaur Bone Location

This Dinosaur Bone is located at the top of a hill just west of Valentine, it is easy enough to navigate to, but be aware that you might need to make part of the trail up on foot, as the game’s pathfinding sent us down a waterfall. Use Eagle Eye when at the location on the map and you should see the bone laying on the ground.

3. Grizzlies Rock Wall Dinosaur Bone Location

This bone can be found fairly quickly, and is easy to find on the north side of the dakota river up from Valentine, a little bit to the left of the path is a small outcrop. Use deadeye here to see the glowing location of the bone.

4. Cumberland Forest Six Point Overlook Dinosaur Bone Location

This bone is found at the top of the southeastern edge of Six Point Overlook, you will need to make your way through some brambles, but once there the bone is clear to see, as plain as day. You can also navigate to this by going directly south of the C in Cumerland on your map, there you should be able to make your way to the ridge with no fuss.

5. Grizzlies Dakota River Ledge Dinosaur Bone Location

Just northwest of Fort Wallace, on the other side of the river, make your way to the high ledge, approaching from Cotorra Springs, and you should be able to make your way to this next Dinosaur Bone Location, where you will have to jump down to get to the bone, if you’re unsure of the exact location, use deadeye to pinpoint it.

6. Cumberland Forest Baccus Station Dinosaur Bone Location

This Bone is a bit of a tricky find if you do not know how to approach it, head to Frot Wallace, approaching from the north of the Dakota River, then ride uphill until you reach a ridge near Bacchus station. Next to a spiked rock will be the Dinosaur Bone.

7. Grizzlies Calumet Ravine Dinosaur Bone Location

This bone is a fairly easy find, and not too far off of the path north on the east side of Donner Falls, located on the edge of the “I” of Ambarino. Head up the hill off of the path and look right, behind some rocks to find this Dinosaur Bone.

8. Grizzlies O’Creagh Run Overlook Dinosaur Bone Location

This one is a tricky spot to traverse to, as you will be finding yourself running up the top of mountainous ridges in the Grizzlies. To the S in the “East” of Grizzlies East, keep waltzing through mountaintops and you will eventually find the bone stuck in the ground.

9. Grizzlies Northern Boundary Dinosaur Bone Location

If you follow the north road at Grizzlies East on your map, you will eventually get to a flowery grove, head south and up a hill (beware, as wolves can spawn here) and you will find the bone laying out in plain sight on the hill surrounded by flowers, lovely.

10. Roanoke Ridge Overlook Dinosaur Bone Location

If you head east from O’Creagh’s Run, you will find a railroad junction adjacent to Roanoke Valley’s “R” on the map. Here, on top of a small rock will be the next Dinosaur Bone Location, a big old jaw.

11. Roanoke Ridge Valley Overlook Dinosaur Bone Location

If you head up Roanoke Ridge, up the path near to Brandywine Drop waterfall, you will find a ridge, use Eagle Eye here to pinpoint the location of the above Dinosaur bone, then make your way up the ridge by going around the side and the bone will be yours.

12. Roanoke Ridge Kamassa River Dinosaur Bone Location

This is a very tricky one to get to, head up the west bank from Elysian pool sup the Kamassa River, and stop between the “R and I” in River, there, you must look for a middle section to the ridge and jump down. From there, use Eagle Eye to pinpoint the location of these jaws, and take them for your own gain.

13. Roanoke ridge Van Horn Dinosaur Bone Location

Northwest of Van Horn, you will find this bone among the trees just slightly off of a road heading north. This is incredibly difficult to spot, and we recommend venturing up on foot, and then using Eagle Eye to pinpoint this bone, which sits among flora and fauna.

14. Heartlands Oil Field Dinosaur Bone Location

This is one of the easiest to find, head to the Heartlands Oil Rig, in between the “A and R” in Heartlands, and head down the ladder to find the shapely Dino-Skull.

15. Heartlands Grassy Hill Dinosaur Bone Location

To find this one, you have to head east of Flatneck Station, and follow the railroad between it and the Old Greenbank Mill, head slightly north whilst in the middle of the railroad and you should find the grassy hill bone on a grassy hill. Pretty self explanatory.

16. Heartlands Southern Gorge Dinosaur Bone Location

If you follow the dried up river from the Heartlands Oil Rig, head to the source of the river, and use Eagle Eye to pinpoint the left bank, and you should be able to see the location of this Bone hidden in the rocks.

17. Heartlands Dewberry Creek Dinosaur Bone Location

This is a really easy one, just head to Dewberry Creek, just north of Eris Field, and to the west, you will find an open rocky area, with the bone conveniently located right in the corner.

18. Scarlett Meadows Dinosaur Bone Location

On your map, underneath the L of Lemoyne should be a small creek, on this creek use Eagle Eye to pinpoint the location of the Dinosaur’s Ribcage that’s poking out of the rocks.

19. Heartlands Abandoned Shack Dinosaur Bone Location

To find this one, head to just north of the “O” in New Hanover, and you will find an abandoned shack, face south and use Eagle Eye to pinpoint the location of this next Dinosaur Bone Location.

20. Big Valley Northern Cave Dinosaur Bone Location

This is one that is more difficult to spot than anything else, take the road north from Wallace Station and veer left to the bottom of a slope of hills, with a ridge to the left and two conjoining rocks with an entrance in the middle, head inside the cave to find this bone’s location.

21. Big Valley Rocky Slope Dinosaur Bone Location

This is a fairly easy bone to spot. Right next to the “W” in West Elizabeth, there will be a rocky slope that you can navigate to on your horse, while near the top, look down and use deadeye to see the wonky dinosaur spine before you.

22. Big Valley Beryl’s Dream Dinosaur Bone Location

This one is pretty easy to find, near Mount Shann, you will find a road with a wiggling “S” road, at the top of this road, use Eagle Eye and you will be able to find this Dinosaur Bone.

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