‘Reassuring’ rules on EU speed limiters to be implemented in the UK – ‘drivers will not be trapped.’


‘Reassuring’ rules on EU speed limiters to be implemented in the UK – ‘drivers will not be trapped.’

Experts say that new EU speed limiter technology, which will be available on UK cars this summer, will need to include override tools to “ensure drivers’ safety.”

Override tools, according to the Road Angel Group, which specializes in speed camera detectors for vehicles, will assist drivers in “the most dangerous situations.”

However, they cautioned that the European Commission’s (EC) initial indications were “somewhat reassuring” in terms of safety.

Many of the criticisms leveled at the new EU technology have centered on motorists’ safety concerns.

Many people have expressed concern about the dangers of motorists being unable to accelerate quickly enough to avoid road hazards.

However, Road Angel warns that the new tool will “not limit” drivers’ abilities, requiring drivers to “act quickly” if they are “really in trouble.”

“The initial signs are somewhat reassuring,” Road Angel said.

“The European Commission has stated that the technology can be overridden.

“This is a feature that we believe is critical to ensuring driver safety in the most hazardous situations.”

“The system will ‘work with’ drivers rather than restricting their ability to ‘act at any moment while driving,’ which means that if you’re in serious trouble and need to act quickly, you’ll still be able to do so.”

“If you choose the audio or vibration-based options, you’ll get an optic warning first, followed by an audio message if you don’t respond.

“The European Commission insists that this technology will not interfere with driving; rather, it is intended to alert you to your speed.”

“The haptic (touch-based) option ‘will gently push the driver’s foot back to make the driver aware of the situation and assist in slowing down.’

“Once again, this will be overridable, ensuring that drivers are not caught in a bind.”

By law, “every type of system must be overridable,” according to the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC).

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The driver should be able to “switch the system off for the duration of the current journey,” they said.

However, the ETSC stated in 2017 that they only supported an onoff override tool “to aid public acceptance at launch.”

Authorities may “scrap the option” for drivers to turn off the speed limiter in the future, according to Confused.com.

“The system’s default setting is on, but the,” they explained.

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