Random: You never heard about the 25-year-old PS1 demo disc cheat


© @NakamuraMartin / Martin HinsonImagine the scene: it’s 25 years ago in January 1996 and you’re looking at the non-interactive WipEout demo included in the Official PlayStation Magazine’s first issue.

Technically, the so-called “rolling demo” wasn’t playable – but what if we told you that there really was a way to fly those polygonal planes that you’ve been staring at for hours?
As revealed in a later issue of that magazine – and lost to the annals of time – you could take charge of Psygnosis’ Rolling Demo by launching the notorious Demo 1 of the PS1 and then mid-session swapping disks. This is possibly some sort of memory bug that activates the keys, and the exploit is still working today, obviously.

Granted, it’s not the most mind-blowing tale we’re going to write in 2021, but we thought this was a nice hack that’s worth a few virtual columns to save it from being overlooked. Do you miss the days of demo records and odd little unpatched exploits like that? In the comments section below, finish the game as Feisar in a demo you were never intended to enjoy.

[Martin, thanks]


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