Random: Looking for a media center for your new PS5 to go with? The right thing IKEA has for you is


We don’t have to tell you the size of your PlayStation 5. It’s a beast and it’s known to all. For others, incorporating the newfangled gadget into their current system has been a bit of a challenge.

The PS5 is just not going to fit into those TV stands and entertainment centers. You may need new furniture to match your console, but which one would fit your PS5? Luckily, IKEA seems to be recognizing the war.

A Reddit user (https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/kppuaz/which ikea media storage unit will be able to fit/A) recently visited his local IKEA furniture store and discovered a PS5 scale model to help customers purchase a cabinet large enough to suit the white and black box.

There’s an Xbox Series X as well.

All the dimensions of each console are displayed by these models, helping you to make an educated decision.

This way, when you are at home and spend all the time setting up your flat-pack media center, you would not have any nasty surprises. The PS5 page says, “Which IKEA media cabinet will fit my new meme-like oversized game console?” Sounds like a lot was asked of the workers.

That’s a pretty good move that will be very beneficial for the retailer. Did you have trouble getting your PS5 to work in your home as well? In the comment section below, follow the instructions.


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