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[Qualcomm’s System on a Chip] Could Active Noise Control be the Future Standard for Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds?

The world of sound has taken a huge evolution from the traditional speakers to the basic Bluetooth wireless earbuds. Now that Qualcomm has decided to jump in the picture, the systems on a chip could be expecting active noise control to be a standard for these earbuds in general!

An announcement by Qualcomm was given pertaining to a pair of new Bluetooth chips designed for the popular wireless earbuds known as the QCC514x and the QCC304x SoCs. Both of these chipsets will be able to support Qualcomm’s TrueWireless Mirroring technology which is being utilized for a more reliable connection.

Integrated and dedicated hardware are two other things these systems on a chip provide for Qualcomm’s hybrid function of active noise cancellation along with onboard support for the digital assistants.

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Qualcomm’s TrueWireless Mirroring is in charge of handling the connection between and the earbud which is then mirrored (hence the name) to the other earbud. The amount of synchronization needed for this to be possible is cut down by a significant amount for more reliable connection (in theory).

If one removes the primary earbud, the whole system is already designed to transition the connection quite seamlessly over to the other earbud that is mirrored. This system also plays a huge role in assuring that the pair of headphones shows up as a singular connection to the phone instead of being read as “two” separate headphones.

Qualcomm’s “hybrid ANC” offers new possibilities by promising integrated noise cancellation technology which could later on result to the production of cheaper earbuds with active noise cancellation already installed in their system on a chip.

Instead of totally blocking noise, the earbud also allows “leak-through” for outside noise in order for the user to access a feature which is similar to the transparency modes of the regular noise-canceling headphones out today.

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Qualcomm also assures that the new chips are much more powerful and efficient today than they were when this feature was being discovered. The system on a chip even offers better battery life to the active noise cancelling headphones connected by Bluetooth.

The core difference between the two chips is that the Qualcomm QCC514x is considered a more premium system on a chip as opposed to the QCC304x SoCs which is an entry-level chip.

The key difference can be found in their voice assistant integration whereas the QCC514x is capable of offering always listening wake-word activation for the voice assistants while the QCC304x only offers a standard push-button voice assistant which means that you’ll have to physically activate the listening mode unlike other devices where you only need to give a command like “Hey, Google” or “Alexa”.

This feature is not common in most entry-level earbuds which is Qualcomm’s way of changing the game.

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