Putin’s associates have created an aftershave with the scent of a fighter jet.


Putin’s associates have created an aftershave with the scent of a fighter jet.

Friends of Russian President Vladimir Putin have stunned the world by launching a new line of aftershave that smells like a fighter jet, with traces of ‘fuselage, engines, cockpit, and leather.’Vladimir Putin’s cronies have produced a macho aftershave that smells like a fighter jet.

Rostec, a state-owned defense conglomerate founded by President Putin, collaborated with the Russian Perfumers Guild to create the Checkmate perfume.

The scent was created to market the group’s fifth-generation Sukhoi Su-75 Checkmate warplane, which is expected to enter service in 2023.

“Checkmate fighter jet-scented perfume made in Russia,” a Rostec spokeswoman stated. The fragrance’s ingredients mix the scents of glass, natural leather, and metals utilized in the fuselage, engines, and cockpit of the plane.” “What are glass scents?” one user quipped on social media. “That reminds me of asbestos.” It comes as tensions between Russia and NATO members are increasing.

Fears of an invasion have been raised as the country is said to be gathering troops on the Ukrainian border.

Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his country possesses hypersonic nuclear missiles that are “on alert” and capable of devastating US cities.

At a Moscow energy symposium, Russian President Vladimir Putin also claimed that his “intercontinental” weaponry can travel five times faster than those being developed in the United States.

He spoke proudly: “This is an intercontinental missile, not merely a hypersonic missile.

“This is a far more dangerous weapon than you previously stated. In Russia, they are already on high alert.” Thankfully, he went on to clarify that for the time being, no one is directly threatened by these super nukes, and that other countries are swiftly catching up to Russian technology.

He went on to say: “There’s nothing special about this place. The world’s high-tech militaries will have such systems, and they will have them soon.

“We don’t take advantage of it, and we don’t threaten anyone.”

The Pentagon recently stated that the United States had developed and tested a missile capable of traveling at speeds greater than five times the speed of sound.

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