PS5, PS4 survive onslaught on Christmas PlayStation Network


Kudos to the technicians on the PlayStation Network who kept us satisfied over the holidays. While it’s been a while since we’ve seen any significant outages on Sony’s servers, for some poor technicians, it’s always worth noting that Christmas is the most difficult time of the year. There’s no question that the PSN was under pressure this past week with the latest PlayStation 5 consoles hooked up, a huge January launch, and a lot of staff not working.

The fact that everything stayed online is a testament to all the work behind the scenes that was going on.

There was a time when the Japanese giant literally could not keep up with demand at the beginning of the PlayStation 4 era and its PSN services often went offline.

This is a rarity nowadays, and while there are isolated downtime moments, the company reacts very quickly, as with any online-based service. So, hats off to all those who kept us playing without obstacles on this holiday – we had a blast!


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