Poll: When Do You Think Sony’s Next State of Play Will Be?


Sony’s State of Play broadcasts have become a real highlight of recent times — especially since the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has put an end to many live gaming events.

The Japanese giant has refined its showcase format over the last couple of years, with deeper insights into titles like Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us: Part II doing a lot to help sell their respective visions.

But now that the PS5 has launched and we’re looking ahead to the console’s first full year on the market, we have to wonder when Sony will make its next move.

The company is eyeing another blockbuster year for PlayStation, with a number of exclusive games already lined up for release over the next 12 months.

Just to recap, we’ve got Destruction AllStars, Returnal, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Forbidden West, and God of War Ragnarok all slated for launch in 2021.

And although we’re not quite sold on the likes of Ragnarok actually releasing this year, the arrival of even just a few of these games gives Sony a lot to think about.

And so with that in mind, when do you think that the next State of Play will be? Can you see it happening soon? Destruction AllStars is coming to PlayStation Plus in February, after all — but maybe Sony won’t bother with a full showing? Vote in our polls, and then feed us your best predicitions in the comments section below.

When do you think the next State of Play will be?
Within the next few weeks for sure
Probably some time in March
April or later, I reckon
I don’t think Sony will do any State of Play broadcasts this year

What do you think Sony’s next State of Play will be about?
It’ll be about a single upcoming game
It’ll be a showcase for multiple games
It’ll be a full look at the year ahead for PlayStation
I don’t think there’ll be another State of Play


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