Poll: Do you feel happy with your January 2021 PS Plus games?


Oh, the start of a brand new year, and all of us know what that means: another 12 months of bitter disappointment with PlayStation Plus! Only kidding—we’re pessimistic, but not cynical like that.

Anyway, the January PS Plus games have been released and we want to know what you think, as always. Subscribers will get Maneater for PS5, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Greedfall for PS4, in case you missed the announcement. We think this is a pretty good lineup, but it comes down to your decision, like we said.

Take our poll and share your honest opinion in the comments below, whether you’re excited or boiling with frustration.

Are you satisfied with January 2021 on your PlayStation Plus games?
Yes, very pleased, very satisfied.
Yes, mostly happy, mostly pleased
Meh, they’re all right, all right, Meh,
Nah, not very pleased, not very satisfied.
No, it’s a lousy choice.
I just don’t have PS Plus

What January 2021 game for PlayStation Plus are you most looking forward to?
With Greedfall
Maneater, Maneater
Shadow of the Raider of the Tomb
None of them, to be truthful,
I have no PS Plus


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