Police issue an urgent alert about a ‘broken down’ driver that everyone should be aware of.


Police issue an urgent alert about a ‘broken down’ driver that everyone should be aware of.

A SCAM involving motorists who claim to be broken down and seek for money has been reported to the police.

The motorists, according to the police, begin by flagging down other vehicles on the road before claiming that their vehicle had broken down and that they needed money to get aid. Although most drivers were skeptical and did not hand over any cash, the con artists have asked some to accompany them to an ATM machine to withdraw money, putting those who fall for the fraud at a significant risk.

Following an increase in cases involving scams like these, North Yorkshire Police is encouraging motorists to “be on their watch.”

“We have had at least seven instances of motorists being stopped and contacted by either a man driving a silver Volkswagen or a man driving a dark coloured Fiat during the past two days,” a spokeswoman said.

“The men’s descriptions range from Asian to Portuguese to Eastern European, according to accounts received from Scarborough, Ryedale, and Harrogate. The suspects, on the other hand, might target any location.

“On the A59 near Harrogate on July 29, two guys were spotted trying to flag down motorists in two separate laybys. One described as well-dressed and Asian, driving a silver Volkswagen Passat with hazard lights turned on. The second was described as “European” and included a dark-colored Fiat with danger lights turned on.”

Several other drivers in various areas were discovered to have had similar events in the previous week.

“A short time later, on the A61 near Ripley, a similar situation was reported with a motorist described as Romanian in appearance who flagged down another car and was then joined by two more guys who said they had broken down and needed money,” the spokesperson continued.

“Similar claims came later in the evening from the Scarborough region, including Snainton, Reighton, Cayton, and Cloughton, as well as one in Ryedale’s Kirbymoorside, and an early morning incident near East Ayton.

“In one case, the suspect intended to take a motorist to a cash machine to withdraw money, while children have been seen inside the suspect vehicle in other cases.”

Despite the fact that the majority of people have recognized these incidents as frauds and gone away, police are urging motorists to “be on their watch” if.


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