Police discovered a British soldier in the undergrowth and dedicated a Land Rover Defender to him.


Police discovered a British soldier in the undergrowth and dedicated a Land Rover Defender to him.

A ROVER (Land Rover) With the use of a tracking device, a Defender dedicated to a fallen British soldier was reunited with its owner.

The automobile was found just 24 hours after Nigel Bale, the owner, realized it had been stolen from a property in Cheshire in June. The model, on the other hand, was a bespoke tribute to Nigel’s godson, Private Conrad Lewis of the 4th Parachute Regiment.

His parents established charity ‘353′ in his honor, as he was the 353rd British soldier killed in Afghanistan.

The leather console was stitched with the number 353, which was dedicated to Conrad’s remembrance.

The parachute regiment badge is on the car’s outside panel, and the phrase “Remember” is emblazoned on the bonnet.

Mr Bale claimed the car theft was “hugely emotional and difficult” for him and his family, who were “devastated.”

“Understandably, we were all distraught when we discovered the Landie had been stolen,” he continued.

“Despite my disbelief, I immediately contacted Tracker to report the theft, who then notified the police, and the hunt began.

“I can’t express how relieved we were when we learned it had been found.

“To many others, it is simply a car, but it means so much more to us and Conrad’s family, therefore its theft was a tremendously emotional and difficult experience for us all.”

The automobile was discovered in “thick foliage” not far from where it was stolen, according to South Yorkshire Police.

It’s not uncommon for thieves to leave a car somewhere while they check for tracking devices, they claimed.

It is “unlikely” that the automobile would have been found without a tracking device, according to Tim Scothern, Field Intelligence Officer for South Yorkshire Police’s Operational Support Unit.

“The crew at HQ was able to determine a location shortly after Tracker notified us to the theft of this Land Rover,” he said.

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“We dispatched two Tracker-equipped cars to locate and recover the vehicle right away.

“Knowing the Land Rover’s history and the importance of the vehicle to the family, the team was driven to find it as soon as possible.

“However, we have found and recovered a large number of stolen vehicles.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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