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Pokemon Collectible Sale Includes Sword And Shield TCG Cards, Plushies, And More

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks for Pokemon collectibles. The Pokemon Company announced a new series of Eevee figures, and four new Pokemon Funko Pops were revealed. The Pokemon TCG also entered the Galar region with the Sword and Shield expansion, and Best Buy already has discounts on the Sword and Shield Elite Trainer Box and theme decks as part of its Pokemon collectibles sale. The sale also slashes the prices of some Pokemon plushies and figures. Take a look at some of the best Pokemon collectible deals from Best Buy’s sale below.

The Sword and Shield TCG expansion released on February 7, so discounts are naturally hard to find. But Best Buy has the Elite Trainer Box for $10 off right now. Each box comes with the following items:

The box features dividers to help you keep your cards and game items organized. You also get a code card that can be used to add cards to your collection in Pokemon TCG Online.

$9.74 ($13)

Though only a modest discount, the Sword and Shield theme decks also released just last week. If you order from Best Buy, you’ll get a random deck featuring one of Sword and Shield’s starters: Grookey, Sobble, or Scorbunny. Each theme deck comes with 60 cards and everything you need to play the TCG:

The pre-built decks are great for those who are new to the TCG. You can also redeem the deck in Pokemon TCG Online with the included code card.

Sword and Shield booster packs are also on sale for $3 each ($1 off).

$7.79 ($13)

While the picture shows Mimikyu, Popplio, and Meowth, according to Best Buy’s description, you’ll get either Pikachu, Mareanie, Rowlet, or Litten. These 8-inch plushies are just over $5 off right now, which is a pretty great deal. Unfortunately, you will get a random Pokemon if you order online. Thankfully, all of them are cute.

$10.49 ($13)

These are also 8-inch Pokemon plushies, but they cost a bit more. For $10.49, you’ll get Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Pichu.

$12 ($20)

These 12-inch Legendary Pokemon figures each have six points of articulation. Once again, you’ll get a random Pokemon if you order online: Lunala, Solgaleo, or Necrozma. Normally $20, they are discounted to just $12 each right now.

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