Play of the Year: Top 10 PS5 Readers, 2020 PS4 Titles


All right, all of us had our say here – now it’s your turn. Our coverage of the Game of the Year is very wrapped up, but we can’t forget about our lovely readers. Let’s run through what the best PlayStation games of 2020 think you guys and gals are.

We have presented you with a poll to decide your favorite PS5 and PS4 games released in the last 12 months, as we do every year. We asked you to choose five out of the shortlist games – the same shortlist our employees voted on – and the results are in.

Many of you voted this year, with 18,895 votes in total.

That’s one of the biggest votes we’ve ever got, so thanks to everyone who took part. Let’s go through the top 10 games that you voted for, without further ado.

Uh. 10. Persona 5 Royal – 689 ballots (4 percent )
9. Eternal DOOM – 699 votes (4 percent )
8. 2077 Cyberpunk – 806 votes (4 percent )

Valhalla’s Assassin’s Creed – 810 votes (4 percent )
6. Souls of Demon’s – 1,315 votes (7 percent )

Playroom Astro’s – 1,327 votes (7 percent )
It may be a pack-in game, but on early PS5 matches, it made a major impact.

The simple yet sensitive platforming of Astro’s Playroom, excellent controller versatility, and myriad allusions to PlayStation’s history have won it 5th position on the list of Games of the Year.

Currently, that’s the precise stance we took as well, so we agree for once. It is a tiny yet perfectly formed experience and a true pleasure.

4. Remake of Final Fantasy VII – 1,417 votes (8 percent )
For years, we have all been waiting for this, and it seems like you weren’t disappointed.

In fourth place on your ranking, which is a few places lower than our staff list, the remake of the classic JRPG has arrived. Some thought the ending a little too whacky, but most appreciated both the action-packed combat system and Midgard’s enormous size.

It just goes to show that dreams can always come true – let’s hope it’s just as good as the sequel.

3. Spider-Man by Marvel: Miles Morales – 1,755 votes (9 percent ).
Always bet yourself on Spidey. With its Spider-Man series, Insomniac Games has something really positive going on, and the Miles Morales PS5 launch game is evidence that it’s a great match for the studio. You guys loved it totally, and you called it your third best game in 2020.

That’s far higher than on the list – it clearly resonated more with daily gamers than miserable critics did with us.


The Last Of Us: Part II – 2,235 votes (12 percent ).
It would be The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima if we had to guess which two games were in the running for Group Game of the Year. Among die-hard fans, Naughty Dog’s big sequel was controversial, but for a broader audience, it remains one of the most successful games of 2020. It was voted the Game of the Year, and we agree that it deserves it.

1st Tsushima Ghost – 2,894 votes (15 percent ).
But there can only be one winner, and this year it’s Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima.

15 percent of your votes were given to the open-world samurai adventure, making it your 2020 Game of the Year.

The buzz for this game, which surpasses even the mighty Last of Us, is widespread, and it’s no big surprise that it takes the win.

With refined and deadly combat, a slowly evolving story and a captivating world to get lost in, it’s a real crowd-pleaser. It may not be the most innovative game on the PS4, but it’s a brilliantly designed game with great graphics, animation and music.

A deserved winner for your Game of the Year and proof that a brand new IP can be a critical and commercial hit.

And that ends our 2020 coverage of the Game of the Year. What do you think about our community’s top 10 games of the year? Tell us in the comments below.


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