Play of the Year: The 2020 Liam Top 5 PS5 and PS4 Titles


Each of our writers has produced their own list of the top five PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 titles of 2020, in addition to our staff’s picks for Games of the Year.

It is Senior Staff Writer Liam Croft’s turn today.


Playroom of Astro’s
Who would have thought that one of the best games of 2020 would become a PS5 pack-in title? Astro’s Playroom reached me in all the right places with a heartfelt tribute to the games of my youth and those I consider the best of the best, having grown up with the PlayStation and owning every console since then. From Metal Gear Solid to ICO, the whole time, a pretty big grin was stuck to my forehead. It’s also a pretty decent platformer that shows with absolute conviction the promise of the new DualSense controller. For this industry, haptic feedback and those adaptive causes really sound like the next move.

The perfect PS5 generation introduction.

4. Everlasting DOOM
Speak about a sequel that was uncompromising and knew just what it wanted to be. What I consider to be an FPS masterclass is DOOM Everlasting. With enjoyable platforming and a new gameplay loop, it builds on the 2016 hit that rewards aggression and punishes cowardice. Placing a shot at the weak spot of an opponent has never been so satisfying. You are held on your toes by the insanely fast gunplay, the fluid movement makes fighting a show worthy of Strictly Come Dancing, and the environmental puzzles are a welcome breather. Before you get your ammo, your armor, and your health, start all over again. It does not get any better with a gun in hand than DOOM Eternal.

3. Souls of The Devil
The one modern From Software title I never got around to playing at release was Demon’s Souls (please let me forget Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice), but that was finally corrected on the PS5 with the excellent remake of Bluepoint Games. Not only is it one of the best-looking games I’ve ever played, but it’s full of unforgettable, atmospheric settings that really immerse you in Boletaria’s mysterious world.

For a long time, the Tower of Latria will remain in your mind.

And then there’s the thrilling method of combat and the marvelous fighting of the boss – two classics of the genre that characterized the Souls of the Demon. The war against the Storm King, I think, is one of the best ever, but most of the boss battles in the game have put other titles to shame.

On Sony’s latest system, this classic is even better.

2nd Fantasy VII Final remake
The last 12 months have shone the spotlight on remakes, and the best of them all was the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The funny thing is that I really have very little familiarity with the original on PS1, so before Deputy Editor Robert Ramsey explained it all to me, the major twist of this year’s edition kind of missed me, and at that point I could understand the sheer audacity of the narrative choices of Square Enix.

Nice material – I love it.

Another highlight was the war, along with wonderful characters that I can’t wait to see more of (Jessie is the best girl).

More of the same is what I can really hope for, so I can figure out who the heck Zack is. On the second half, bring.


The Ultimate of Us: Part II
The Last of Us: Part II not only tops my 2020 list, but is the best game of the entire PS4 generation in my view. Naughty Dog has defined Sony’s commitment to single player experiences with this incredible sequel to Joel and Ellie’s original adventure, beating out God of War for this prestigious award.

The story captivated me from start to finish, with the introduction of Abby quickly becoming a narrative hook that elevates the action to new heights. What a special protagonist.

The gameplay got better, the graphics got better, and the immersion got better as well. Naughty Dog has once again shown that they are two steps ahead of the rest of the gaming industry.

The Last of Us: Part II is truly the new benchmark to beat, and I don’t think it will be surpassed for quite a while.

How much do Liam’s top 5 PS5 and PS4 games of 2020 align with your own? Let us know in the comments below.


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