Play of the Year: 2020’s Best PSVR Game


Let’s be honest with ourselves: 2020 wasn’t PlayStation VR’s best year.

When Sony turned its attention to selling the PlayStation 5, there was little support from first-party studios for the Japanese giant’s virtual reality headset. Outside Sony, developers still had plenty of multiplatform releases to give, but no title worth its salt made the shortlist for this year’s pick at this stage.

Indeed, an awful circumstance, but let’s hope the device for virtual reality isn’t yet on its way out. If, of course, behind the scenes, there is an update in the works. Here are the best games of 2020 for the PSVR.

Bronze Trophy: Beast of Paper
To fully appreciate what it’s all about, Paper Beast is one of those strange titles that you just have to experience for yourself.

This unusual region’s animal and plant life has been turned into paper characters, and it’s your job to help them get around, escape danger and solve environmental puzzles. It is at the heart of the game to understand how each species communicates with each other and to experiment with ideas and keep you playing relaxed for days. The Paper Beast is quite rare, but there’s nothing quite like it in the right hands.

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Silver Trophy: Cuts in Budget
The closest thing to a new Portal game is Budget Cuts, and in that respect, it’s pretty successful already. Equipped with a dimensional bending rifle, you can sneak through the building of TransCorp, avoiding the robot guards’ militant patrols who are just too happy to put you in your spot.

And Budget Cuts continues to be thrilling and rewarding in all the right ways when the going gets rough, thanks to the entertaining fights until you have the misfortune of being discovered.

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Gold Trophy: Whip of the Pistol.
When John Wick meets Baby Driver, Pistol Whip is what happens – a wonderful on-rails shooter that has both style and substance. Your kills have to be meticulously synchronized to the music tempo, making the enemy assault in the game a battle for survival and a kind of dance fight.

When a melody is heard that gets you in the mood for the next segment, the music and the action are so well-matched that the vibrant visuals almost become a secondary problem. Exactly what VR is all about, Pistol Whip brings you to an otherworldly world where the beat is as critical as the bullet.

Great stuff from the games at Cloudhead.

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Platinum Trophy: Iron Man VR by Marvel.
Come on, who at some point in their life hasn’t dreamed of becoming Iron Man? We just wanted to invest the dough as Tony Stark to get our own armor suit, whether it was the early comics or Marvel’s colossal cinematic universe. As you’d expect from your usual big screen blockbusters, Marvel’s Iron Man VR achieves the power fantasy with a fantastic outing packed with action, jokes, and swagger. Flight controls quickly become second nature, charging the blasters of Iron Man is perhaps one of the best uses for the totally obsolete controllers of PlayStation Move, and special weapons turn the war in your favor against evil. It’s action, action, action here – the Iron Man VR of Marvel is a shining illustration of what PSVR can still accomplish.

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Are you in agreement with our picks? What PSVR game do you think was 2020’s best game? In our poll, cast your vote and share your ideas in the comments below.

What was your favourite 2020 PSVR game?
Changes in Spending
Marvel’s Iron Man VR, Iron Man VR
The Beast paper
Whip Gun
A Dark Affair: The Space VR
Saints and sinners: the Walking Dead


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