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Pill-Shaped Display Camera Hole to be Featured in Huawei P40 Display

Some of the information on the Huawei P40 display surfaced on the internet. This smartphone is expected to enter in the 1st quarter of 2020, and some rumors have already been heard and seen, although not a lot of them leaked. The information is said to have been disclosed by a tipster on Twitter identified as ‘Teme.’ This tipster said the Huawei device would feature a curve-shaped 6.57-inch full HD+ or QHD+ panel that would have support for the HDR output, not to mention, cover 100% of the color space of DCI-P3.

In addition, as indicated in an article posted on, the said tipster also mentioned that “this curved display would be a Waterfall Display,” as well as an AMOLED panel. Meaning, one can expect the P40 display to provide him with “a rather intense curve on the sides. Specifically, the Huawei P40, as described by the informant, will also include a “pill-shaped display camera hole.” He mentioned in the comments, the label, “Advanced Horizon Display.” This may then be this display’s possible title.

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Full-Packed Camera

One of these tipster’s further tweets showed that the Huawei P40 would have an even powerful package for a camera. Nevertheless, he did not give any more details. But studying the P40 being considered as a repetition to the features-filled P30, tech observers expect this new model to include improved camera features and specs. For those who haven’t known, Huawei P30 is among the best camera phones of this year, and indeed, it would be quite interesting to anticipate the new things year 2020 will get.

Incidentally, the Huawei P40 would certainly be launched alongside the P40 Pro. It is expected to be possibly official in the 1st quarter of 2020, most likely, in February. Both Huawei models are expected to have glass and metal for materials to be made of, and they have quite a few cams on the back as well. Another revelation is that both cases will have Leica’s lenses as part of the package. More so, Android is set to come pre-installed, too, on the P40 series.

What Else are Pre-Installed on P40? (No One Knows)

While some details about the soon-to-be-launched Huawei P40 have come out and said to have been leaked on the internet, other apps and operating systems to be pre-installed remain unseen. What’s confirmed is that Huawei does not intend to pre-install Harmony OS on its smartphones, or, at least, not for now. Therefore, the P40, and the P40 Pro as well, is set to enter with Android 10 probably but without, without Google services, unless the ban of Huawei results in temporary reversion.

The already-existing Huawei P30 and P30 Pro already include a tiny, dewdrop display notch. The Mate 30 Pro, on the other hand, has a notch, a little wider but shorter. And, as to how the tipster described the P40, its series would regrettably include the inappropriate pill-shaped display camera hole, if the information that spread is correct and accurate. It is important to note that the display information mentioned here may have more to do with the Huawei P40 Pro compared to the P40 model. However, everything has yet to be seen and proven until both models get officially launched. 

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