Owners of caravans who do not use specific towing mirrors face a £1,000 fine and penalty points.


Owners of caravans who do not use specific towing mirrors face a £1,000 fine and penalty points.

Caravan owners who do not put the correct mirrors on their vehicle face a fine of up to £1,000 and penalty points.

Drivers must always have a clear view of the road behind them, according to GOV.UK. Towing mirrors for a trailer or caravan must be broader than the back of the automobile, according to the experts.

Some owners should see mirrors as “something they can do without,” according to Caravanwise experts.

Drivers of larger tow vehicles should avoid installing the item since they can “tune their mirrors.”

However, they confirmed that this was “not good enough” in terms of safety.

Caravanwise stated that his critical component is a legal necessity that drivers must always have installed.

“Many caravanners think they can get away without towing mirrors, but the law says otherwise,” they stated.

“You must have mirrors that allow you to view clearly an area four meters wide from the side of your caravan at a distance of 20 meters behind the driver, according to the law.

“A caravan is far broader than a car, even a huge 4×4, and you simply cannot comply with the rules unless towing mirrors are installed.

“Drivers of larger tow cars may believe they are safe because they can adjust their mirrors to view behind them, but what they see is just inadequate.”

Towing mirrors can be purchased for as little as £30, making them far less expensive than any potential penalties.

According to the experts at CaravanGuard, a good set of mirrors should last the majority of your towing life.

Milenco, a leading towing motor manufacturer, advised drivers to double-check that their towing mirrors are type-approved.

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“Remember, it is a legal requirement that you equip additional towing mirrors when towing your caravan or any other trailer that is wider than the narrowest point of the rear of your vehicle,” they warned.

“These mirrors must be E-Marked,” says the narrator (Europe and Australia).

“If you look at the back of your car (without a caravan) and notice the distance that the door mirror projects from the car as a pretty easy guide.

“This is how far you’ve gone.”


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