Overcharging, disconnecting after a full charge, and other laptop battery myths debunked


Laptop batteries have a lot of myths surrounding them that people are not sure whether they are legitimate or not. These myths have affected how people use their devices and have caused confusion on whether a certain practice is a right thing to do or not.

Similar to phone battery myths, these laptop battery myths include whether or not you should disconnect your laptop right away after a full charge, overcharging, or if you should charge your laptop away straight out of the box.

Let us clear up all these laptop battery myths once and for all so that you know how to better use and care for your laptop’s battery.

Laptop Battery Myths: Not Disconnecting After Full Charge Will Damage Your Laptop

One of the most common laptop battery myths that have been circulating for years involves whether or not you should disconnect your laptop once it is fully charged.

According to an article by Says, overcharging is not a problem for laptops with lithium-ion batteries. Not disconnecting your laptop once it is fully charged will also not damage your laptop. Per the article, overcharging only happens when its charging system malfunctions.

It is best to keep your laptop in a cool environment to keep the battery from heating up.

Laptop Battery Myths: Fully Charging Your Laptop Straight Out of the Box

You might have heard that once you buy a new laptop, you should fully charge it straight out of the box. According to an article by HelloTech, “If you own devices that run on the older, nickel-based battery of the early 2000s, this myth probably still applies.

For laptops with lithium-ion batteries, however, charging your laptop straight out of the box is not something you have to do as a requirement. It is because these batteries are designed in a way that you can use the laptop right after you turn it on for the first time.

Brinkwire News: Lead-Acid vs Lithium-Ion Batteries: Which is More Harmful to the Environment

It is good practice, though, to charge your laptop when you use it for the first time to “ensure proper calibration,” according to the article.

Laptop Battery Myths: Manufacturer’s Claims About Battery Life are True

Every laptop manufacturer has a claim about the battery life of your device. However, these claims are not necessarily accurate.

“What many are not aware of is that any claim involving a laptop’s battery is produced under. Brinkwire Summary News.


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