Over £6,000 has been earned by London drivers from Euro 2020 games at Wembley Stadium.


Over £6,000 has been earned by London drivers from Euro 2020 games at Wembley Stadium.

According to recent data, each Euro 2020 game held at Wembley Stadium earns Londoners more than £6,000.

As people scramble for parking spaces near the stadium, homeowners with an empty driveway or parking space have made a total of £6,500 from the event. According to experts at YourParkingSpace, demand for driveway parking is on the rise as a result of the tournament, with demand expected to rise further when restrictions ease and additional events take place.

Only 45,000 people were permitted into Wembley Stadium to watch England beat Germany in the final 16 of the World Cup.

However, 60,000 people will be able to attend both the Semi-Finals and the Finals, which will take place next Sunday.

Some residents are charging up to £40 to park on their driveways near the stadium next Wednesday, when England might play in the Semi-Finals.

Those who live 20 minutes away from the stadium are being charged up to £34 for a four-hour halt.

Wembley Stadium has stated that there would be no official parking available for Euro 2020 matchdays.

They recommend that drivers park at an Underground station north of Wembley and take the train to the games.

However, with the increase in coronavirus incidence, many drivers are going to be concerned.

According to a new report released this morning, all legal restrictions will be lifted on July 19, allowing sporting activities and music concerts to go at full capacity.

The final lifting of restrictions, according to Harrison Woods, CEO of YourParkingSpace, might result in a “surge in demand.”

He went on to say that this was a “wonderful chance” for homeowners to get “extra revenue” with no effort.

“A final lifting of COVID social interaction limitations will result in a rise in demand for pre-bookable driveway parking when music and sports venues return to pre-pandemic levels,” he said.

“It’s a fantastic chance for homeowners in the area to supplement their income by renting out their driveways as parking spaces.”

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According to previous data from YourParkingSpace, drivers in more than 25 locations earn more than £1,00 per year through the system.

The highest-paying cities were London and Brighton, with drivers making more than £2,000 per year.

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