Outriders, sci-fi shooter postponed to April, free demo coming next month


The forthcoming sci-fi looter-shooter for Square Enix, Outriders, has been postponed.

The game, about alien weapons and supernatural powers in an alien world, was originally scheduled to take place on February 2. Currently, to April 1, 2021, it has been moved back.

The news is taken from a post on the official social media of the game. Developer People Can Fly says “fine-tune the game and focus on delivering a fantastic gameplay experience at launch.” would use the extra time.

A big Outriders update. Pic.twitter.com/HHZrq5GIik- January 6, 2021 Outriders (@Outriders)
The update, however, brings good news as well. A free demo will be made available on February 25th, which will allow you to test the game and bridge the time until the postponed date. You will be able to play with any of the four character classes during the first hours of the game, either in single player or co-op mode. Your success will also carry over to the complete game in April if you try the demo.

Too bad for the wait, but it sure sounds like a nice idea to have a free demo.

Looking forward to seeing the Outriders? Are you going to play the demo to see what’s up? In the comments below, blast away.


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