Only the top 0.01 percent of Twitch streamers can make millions, according to a Twitch hack.


Only the top 0.01 percent of Twitch streamers can make millions, according to a Twitch hack.

Twitch was recently the target of a cyber attack that exposed mostly payment and streamer data. However, this news may be discouraging to streamers who are just getting started on the platform.

The recent Twitch hack, according to PC Gamer, revealed that the platform’s largest payments were only available to the top 0.01 percent of streamers.

Only a small percentage of Twitch’s video creators earn enough money to “leave your 9-5 job,” according to some. The uncontested top ten, with total revenue from Twitch alone spanning August 2019 to September 2021, are listed below.

These figures, on the other hand, are unsubstantiated estimates:

$9.6 million for a critical role

$8.45 million xQc

$5.8 million for Summit1g

$5.29 million Tfue


ludwig’s net worth is $3.29 million.

TimTheTatMan has a net worth of $3.29 million.

$3.05 million for Altoar

$3.05 million for auronplay


As you can see, the top streamers’ aggregate Twitch revenues decline dramatically as you move down the list. That’s already a $6.3 million wage decrease from the top to fifth place.

Also see: Twitch Leaks Source Code, Creator Payout Reports, Encrypted Passwords, and More: How Can You Keep Your Account Safe? What Exactly Happened in the Twitch Hack? Obviously, the recent Twitch hack revealed these compensation figures. The source code for the streaming platform’s mobile, desktop, and gaming console clients, as well as an unannounced, possible Steam competitor apparently being created by Amazon Game Studios, were discovered by The Verge.

For the time being, it appears that the Twitch attack did not affect the platform’s users’ login credentials or even personal information. That isn’t to say that no data was accessed.

According to The Verge, the culprits of the data hack ominously stated that this is only “part one.” As a result, users must quickly secure their accounts.

How Do These Popular Twitch Streamers Earn Money?

Take a look at those figures. The best streamers might earn up to $4.5 million per year on average over the course of two years. Even those at the bottom of the pay scale—say, the 1,000th highest earner—could make around $85,000 each year.

So, how do these Twitch streamers make it look so easy? There are far too many choices to cover in a single paragraph, so for a more detailed explanation, see our article on how to make money as a Twitch streamer.

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