One of the coolest new Netflix features is coming to BBC iPlayer… but only for a certain period of time


One of the coolest new Netflix features is coming to BBC iPlayer… but only for a certain period of time

Viewers of the BBC iPlayer are going to get one of Netflix’s best features in recent years.

Netflix subscribers will be familiar with a new function available on the BBC iPlayer. The BBC is launching a new iPlayer button dubbed “Watch with Friends” for the Glastonbury Experience 2021. This function is only available on the BBC iPlayer web version and allows users to share a specific moment with friends with the click of a button.

Any Glastonbury Experience 2021 show in iPlayer’s Glastonbury library includes the Watch with Friends function.

If this seems familiar, it’s because Netflix viewers have had a method to watch their favorite movies or boxsets with other people online for a long time. Last year, at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, when millions of people around the world were going on lockdown for the first time, Netflix debuted the Party function.

It allowed people to view Netflix video together while chatting about what was going on in a side-by-side instant messenger.

But, unlike the best Netflix features, Netflix Party was produced by a third-party app that could be downloaded as a Chrome extension.

Netflix Party has since been renamed Teleparty, and a number of streaming services, such as Disney+ and Prime Video, now have similar features built right into their apps.

Apple recently announced that its FaceTime video call app will be able to share video playback, allowing you to watch a show on Disney+ or Apple TV+ while chatting with friends and relatives far away. FaceTime will get a new update in the fall.

“As there is no Glastonbury this year, our Watch With Friends feature will still enable music fans who want to get together virtually to enjoy amazing classic sets from years gone by, and the brilliant new Live at Worthy Farm performances,” Dan Taylor-Watt, director of product and systems on BBC iPlayer and BBC Sounds, said.

“We’re delighted to see how people use it – R&D’s BBC Together tool was a terrific proof of concept for how people could watch BBC programming in sync together, and this new experiment will allow us to explore what type of.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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