Once messages are received, WhatsApp is one step closer to displaying a Snapchat-like interface.


Once messages are received, WhatsApp is one step closer to displaying a Snapchat-like interface.

WHATSAPP has taken a step closer to revealing its Snapchat-like view of messages once they have been received.

WhatsApp is borrowing a page from Snapchat’s book once more. The Facebook-owned messaging app debuted its much-anticipated disappearing messages feature last year. This form of ephemeral communication has long been a favorite of Snapchat fans, but WhatsApp’s version of the feature allowed messages to last longer.

Unlike Snapchat, where most messages are viewed once and then vanish, WhatsApp’s disappearing messages remained visible for seven days after they were viewed.

If you were sending something important over WhatsApp and wanted it destroyed as soon as possible, that’s probably a little longer than you’d like.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, appears to be addressing the problem.

Expiring Media is a new feature in the newest beta version of WhatsApp for Android.

This allows WhatsApp users to transmit photographs or movies that, once viewed, vanish from the chat as soon as you close it.

The feature is currently available to all Android beta testers, indicating that a broad public release could be imminent.

The latest WhatsApp Android beta update also disclosed a few additional facts concerning the Expiring Media feature.

When you send someone a photo or video on WhatsApp that is intended to be viewed only once, you will receive a notification when they open it.

You’ll be able to send view once messages to users who haven’t turned on the Expiring Media feature, and the functionality will still work for them.

You can also send View Once messages to groups, and you can see who has opened them in the Message detail area.

However, if you send an Expiring Media message to a group of contacts who have been blocked, they will still be able to see it.

And just because WhatsApp is introducing this option doesn’t rule out the possibility of users capturing anything is communicated.

WhatsApp users who are sent a view once message can still capture screengrabs of a photo or video that is passed across, according to WABetaInfo in an online post.

They can even record footage of an Expiring Media clip that has been pushed to them.

You won’t know whether they snap a screenshot or record video because screenshot detection isn’t available in WhatsApp.

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