Once again, Japanese PlayStation hardware sales are causing fans to chat


Lately, there has been a lot of conversation about PlayStation sales in Japan, and this point of discussion seems likely to continue into 2021. Statistics on hardware sales released by Famitsu and collected by ResetEra show that, for the first time since 1994, total PlayStation hardware sales fell below one million units in 2020.

That’s an unfortunate outcome, especially given that 1994 was the year the brand was born.

So what is this supposed to mean? Yeah, frankly, there’s nothing we haven’t seen in the past decade: typical console sales in this sector are down.

There are reports that Sony is neglecting its home region: many Japanese studio veterans have recently left the division, the launch allocations for PlayStation 5 have been microscopic, and there have been rumors that the company’s entire Japanese arm has been sidelined.

But we still need to note that there was a global pandemic and Sony was still able to launch the PS5 almost simultaneously across the globe, which eventually led to global stock shortages.

Despite declining sales in its home country, the manufacturer has also successfully extended its brand, which indicates that it is targeting new audiences to compensate for the deficit at home. However, it seems that the days when PlayStation played a leading role in Japan have finally ended.


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