On your iPhone, Google has concealed an addictive game… Here’s where you may look for it.


On your iPhone, Google has concealed an addictive game… Here’s where you may look for it.

GOOGLE has a penchant for hiding Easter Eggs in its apps and services. Also, a new iPhone secret mini-game has been uncovered that you may play right now… if you know where to look.

Inside its official iPhone app, Google has hidden a secret – and very addicting – new video game. A pinball game styled with the typical Google colors that operates both online and offline is hidden within the official Google app for the iPhone. However, if you want to try it out, you’ll need to put in some effort to get it to function.

So, you’re interested in playing the hidden pinball game? To begin, check sure you have the most recent app updates installed from the App Store. Then, open the official Google app and go to the bottom row’s Tabs area.

You’ll need to open at least one tab, then swipe it out of sight.

According to 9to5Google, you should see shapes rise from the bottom of the screen after a short time. Simply swipe up once you notice this and you’ll be able to play the hidden Google pinball game.

The gameplay is simple to grasp, and you can even play the game one-handed, which is ideal for while waiting for the train or tram to arrive at work.

You’ll have two bumpers at the bottom of the screen, much like a traditional pinball machine.

These can be accessed simply tapping on the screen on each side. Alternatively, you can simply press the center button to activate both bumpers. To hit items, you’ll need to utilize the bumpers to send a ball soaring up the screen.

Star power-ups can be utilized to increase the size of the ball, give it a one-hit-break power boost, or toss many balls onto the screen at once to score extra points.

To give it that real arcade-style feel, you only have three lives and a score counter.

If you find it difficult at first, keep continuing until you reach that high-score number!

According to the first reports of users discovering the iOS app mini-game, it appears that this secret mini-game was only recently added to the iPhone Google app. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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