On the iPhone, WhatsApp just made a pleasant update to calls, but Android users are left out.


On the iPhone, WhatsApp just made a pleasant update to calls, but Android users are left out.

When making calls, WHATSAPP has updated the user interface…

However, this is only available on iPhone.

The user interface for making a phone call within WhatsApp is getting a much-needed makeover, but only for iPhone users. Millions of people use WhatsApp every day, so this will undoubtedly come in handy for users on a daily basis.

The new calling interface is currently being rolled out to users. If it isn’t already included in your app, it’s worth checking the App Store to ensure you’re using the most recent version.

The new design attempts to modernize WhatsApp’s call interface while also improving the usability of common services. Users of WhatsApp will now get access to a new sliding menu that contains the hang-up and mute buttons, as well as a list of who is currently on the call.

If the photographs of the new design look familiar, it’s because it’s quite similar to the design of FaceTime. Users will also be able to easily add new participants to a current call through the new menu, which was previously not allowed. Both voice and video calls fall under this category.

According to WhatsApp, the new UI is being progressively sent out to users, so you might not see it for a time. If you want to take advantage of the new design, you’ll have to go to the App Store and upgrade the app to version 2.21.140.

It’s also worth noting that the exciting design change will only be available on iPhones, meaning Android users will be left out.

A new feature in the latest app version prevents you from receiving notifications for new messages in archived chats. Instead, these notifications will be muted, and you’ll have to check for new messages manually. WhatsApp is also rolling out new sticker suggestions to help you choose the right stickers to share with your message.

WhatsApp, which is by far the most popular messaging service on the planet, has had a busy few days. The Facebook-owned chat app launched a new feature earlier this week that allows group chat members to join calls even if they didn’t hear their phone ring.

To let a new participant in, the group would have had to hang up and start the call over. WhatsApp has also progressed. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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