Nintendo Switch OLED LATEST – GAME, Argos, and Amazon have the latest updates on the’must-have’ updated games system.


NINTENDO is releasing a new Switch model today, just in time to add to your Christmas wish list.

The Nintendo Switch OLED has had a display upgrade and a few other improvements over the original Switch, but we’re still not getting 4K gaming.

The new Nintendo Switch OLED Model launched today, Friday, October 8 and you can order now via this page for £309.99 / $349.99.

It’s the third and most expensive Switch model; the handheld-only Nintendo Switch Lite comes in at £199.99 / $199.99 while the original has recently had a permanent price drop down to £259.99.

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The new Nintendo Switch OLED has released and scalpers are flipping it on eBay.

Stock of the new console is selling out fast, but as retailers run out, auction sites are filling up.

The Nintendo Switch OLED retails for £309.99 / $349.99, compared to the original Switch‘s £259.99 / $299.99 price tag.

But prices are skyrocketing on eBay right now as scalpers snap up stock and relist the console for double the retail price, if not more.

People are losing their minds and it’s the PS5 and Xbox Series X situation all over again.

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Speaking about the latest launch from Nintendo, the Head of Gaming at Currys, Nick Hayden, has said ‘customers can expect a truly immersive experience’.

In full, Nick said: “The latest launch from Nintendo is brilliant for gamers and marks an exciting chapter in the world of gaming. The console is the first to use OLED technology, which brings tonnes of additional benefits from richer visuals for a more vivid gaming atmosphere and lower levels of blue light in the screen, to being more energy efficient.

“Every OLED pixel can switch off completely, displaying the truest blacks while also reducing power consumption. And, with a bigger seven-inch screen and market-leading sound quality, customers can expect a truly immersive gaming experience and the best and most engaging multi-play encounter out there.”

NINTENDO’S new console released on Friday 8 October, but not everyone is convinced it’s a worthwhile investment.

The Nintendo Switch OLED doesn’t offer the 4K gaming experience that was initially rumoured when word first got out about a new model.

It’s been called ‘pointless’ and a ‘waste of money’, while Nintendo fans tempted to upgrade are also getting called out.

“I thought most people canceled their oled switch pre orders when they realized it was pointless,” said one Twitter user.

“Is anybody gonna waste their money on a Switch OLED? Cuz I ain’t lmao,” said another.

As the name suggests, the chief difference between the two Nintendo models is the OLED… Brinkwire Brief News.


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